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UTA Training & Groups

UTA has developed junior tennis players into Touring Professionals, NCAA Champions and All-Americans, and National Junior Gold Ball Winners. We have sent over 200 juniors to compete at the Collegiate Level. A few of our students that are former touring pros are Bobby Reynolds, Brian Vahaly, Amanda McDowell, Raian Luchici, Scoville Jenkins, Brett Ross, and Ansley Cargill.

Red/Orange/Green groups:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30-4:30pm
Saturday 9-10am.
Cost per month:
$100 for 1 day a week
$170 for 2 days a week
$260 for 3 days a week

Competitive Group:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-6:30pm
Saturday 10-12pm.
Cost per month:
$190 for 1 day a week
$360 for 2 days a week
$530 for 3 days a week


Excellence Group:
Tuesday, Thursday 5-7pm
Sunday 1-3pm
Wednesday at GSU Clarkston 5-7pm
Cost per month:

$190 for 1 day a week

$360 for 2 days a week

$530 for 3 days a week

UTA Tournaments

UTA offers tournament coaching via UTA Pros throughout the year.  Contact Erica Zabkar at [email protected] with inquiries. Click here to see all tournaments.

Program Policies

Inclement Weather Policy
If drills are canceled due to inclement weather, students may attend their regular drill group on a day that they don't normally attend within that month. To receive rained out information, click here and follow the process.

Program Withdrawal
We require a 30-day written notice for withdrawal from the program. In the absence of a 30-day notice, a monthly drill charge will be assessed.

Quick Start Program

UTA has adopted the Quick Start Program as a tool to teach young players proper tennis fundamentals. The program allows players to play the game of tennis at an earlier stage of development through a systematic progression of scaled rackets, modified balls, and court sizes.

Summer Camp

Interested in Summer Camp? Click here for more information!

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