Tournaments of Interest

Tournaments of Interest

Due to COVID-19, we are working on new tournament schedules and protocols and will release a new plan as soon as possible.

Coaching Fees

  • 4+ students per pro – $100/day (includes coaching fee and pro’s expenses)
    • If the tournament begins with a ratio of 4+ students/pro, then that is what will be charged throughout the event.
    • If participating in an organized Friday warm-up before the event starts, that counts as either a half or full day of coaching depending on where the event is and coach’s travel time.
  • 2-3 students per pro – $125/day coaching fee PLUS pro’s expenses
  • 1 student per pro – $250/day coaching fee PLUS pro’s expenses
    • Families will be responsible for the pro’s expenses (hotel, gas, food, etc.) calculated after the tournament in addition to the daily coaching fee.
  • Alternative group arrangements may be made at the discretion of the lead coach and with the approval of the tournament committee in the event of certain factors such as, but not limited to: number of UTA participants, number of coaches and location.

Chaperoning Fee

  • $90/day in addition to Coaching Fees unless alternative group rate is organized

Other Notes

In the event of rain at a local event and pro’s do not have to report then no coaching fee will be charged -In the event of rain at an “away” event the daily coaching fee will still be assessed -Coaching fee will be charged for any day the player is still participating in the tournament, regardless of number of matches.

UTATournaments of Interest