UTA City of Atlanta Tennis Centers Update

5-10-19 UPDATE: The RFP has been canceled, read more here!

Hello UTA/UTM Supporters!

It has been a few weeks since we have contacted you so we wanted to let you know where things stood in our quest to retain the City of Atlanta Tennis Centers.

First, we have been given the time and date for our Appeals hearing with the Department of Procurement.

Our appeals hearing is on Tuesday, May 14 at 9:30 AM at Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. It will be held in a conference room of the Department of Procurement on the ground floor of City Hall. The public and media are allowed to attend and we would love to have people out to watch the process. It’s highly unusual for the appeal hearing officer to rule in favor of whoever is challenging the City, and they usually don’t make a decision until a week after the hearing. That being said, if you have the time to attend part of the hearing we’d appreciate your support and think it will be an interesting experience.

Please come out to support us on May 14th if you can!!

Keep UTA at City of Atlanta Tennis Centers Yard Sign

Secondly, our sign campaign is in full swing and we now have signs all around the city. If you have a sign in your yard thank you for your support!! If you do not and have good street exposure at your home or business please let one of the partners know and we will get you one or two. We may need to get another order since our initial order is about depleted.

We are still taking signatures at all of the city centers and online at change.org. Some of our supporters will be delivering the new batch of petitions to city officials this week. If you haven’t sent a letter of support to the Mayor, City Council members, and the Parks & Recreation brass please do so as soon as you can. We have given everyone the email addresses on past emails. If you need them again please email timnoonan@utatennis.com.

We would also like to get more exposure for our cause with posts to your local NextDoor app. I have included a post on NextDoor Chastain at the bottom of this email to give you an idea of what might be good.

I don’t have any real experience with Reddit but have been told that we should try to get some exposure on this platform. If anyone uses Reddit on a regular basis please contact us and we will help coordinate some content that could help the cause. Thanks!!

Lastly, we occasionally see posts from people on both sides of this issue that border on being confrontational. We would ask that you refrain from posting anything that might be in bad taste. Please remember that our main question is with the City of Atlanta and the procurement process. The other vendor is in the business of managing tennis centers. We believe that we are a better choice for the City of Atlanta based on our accomplishments there. We are trying to base our social media posts and arguments on the facts of the situation. We have legitimate questions about the process and the outcome, but we would ask all of our supporters to embrace the things we know and avoid posts that are pure conjecture.

We hope to see all of you at the Appeals Hearing on May 14! As we’ve mentioned, the support has been unbelievable and we are hopeful that your voices have been heard.