Help Keep UTA at City of Atlanta Tennis Centers – Sign the Petition


Dear UTM/UTA Employees, Families and Supporters;

Two weeks ago, we received word that the City of Atlanta was beginning negotiations with another vendor to operate the COA Tennis Centers.  We don’t believe that this is in the best interest of the tennis players in the city, and we have heard you voice the same concerns.  If you are ready to take the next steps to help us retain the City of Atlanta Tennis Centers, here are some of the ways you can help:

Sign a Petition

We have 4 petition options for you.

First, we have hard copies of 2 petitions at each UTM site.  The first petition is for adults of legal voting age. They can sign the petition at the front desk to let the city know that they are happy with UTM’s management and would like to see us stay.

The second petition is for the parents of kids in our Programs.  This petition
states that you are prepared to follow UTA to its new locations if we leave the
city tennis centers.

We have two online petition options for you as well 

The first petition, which can be found at is for adults of voting age.  If you can’t make it to the City sites this is the option for you.  Hit on the following link to sign this petition:

Sign the UTM Adult Petition

The second petition is for the kids who are students in our programs at the City of Atlanta sites.  It is also on and can be reached hitting on the following link:

Sign the UTA Student Petition

Send Emails of Support

Below are the names of the Mayor of Atlanta, the Atlanta City Council members, and Parks and Recreation and Procurement officials.  We would ask that you send an email in support of UTM to this group of people.

We would suggest that you address it, “Dear Mayor Bottoms, City Council  Members, and DPRCA Officials;”

We ask that you speak of your personal experiences at the centers managed by UTM.  If you want ideas here are a few of the highlights from the past 9 plus years.


  • UTM kept the COA sites open when they were scheduled to close in 2009
  • UTA Junior Academy currently serves over 600 juniors at the COA centers, many of whom will follow UTA wherever they go.
  • UTM has significantly upgraded the quality and quantity of instruction at the COA sites with world class instructors, and almost all pros have committed to follow the UTM partners if they leave the city centers

You may cut and paste all of the email addresses listed below into your email to save you some time!  If you know anyone on this list you may want to send
a personal email to that individual.  Following are the people you will be
reaching and below that are the email addresses.

Keisha Lance Bottoms (Mayor)

Council President: Felicia Moore

District 1: Carla Smith

District 2: Amir Farokhi

District 3: Currently vacant

District 4: Cleta Winslow

District 5: Natalyn Mosby Archibong

District 6: Jennifer Ide

District 7: Howard Shook

District 8: J.P. Matzigkeit

District 9: Dustin Hillis

District 10: Andrea Boone

District 11: Marci Collier Overstreet

District 12: Joyce Sheperd

At Large: Michael Julian Bond

At Large: Matt Westmoreland

At Large: Andre Dickens

John Dargle (Parks & Recreation commissioner)

Doug Voss (Director of Parks)

Pass this on to others who know what UTM is doing at the City Sites!

Keep beating the drum!  We want the City Council to know that their potential action is not best for the tennis players in Atlanta.  We have been serving the  enters for over 9 years and have increased participation every year.  That was  the goal the city gave us in 2009, and we have accomplished that mission and more.

Thank you!!

Tim Noonan

P.S. Checkout this wonderful video some of our kids created on their own!