Briarlake Adult Tennis Programs

Briarlake Church offers programs for adults ranging from beginning classes to intermediate and advance play. Participants can take advantage of 3 lighted courts and play throughout the evening.  A summary of our adult programs are listed below:

Adult Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Drill sessions

Give yourself some time to work on your game in between helping your child out.  These Drills have been divided up by level to allow you to find a group that you feel is at a similar level to yourself (even total beginners).

Monday evenings: B Level Drills (This is an intermediate level player who plays High C, B, or Low A Level Tennis Leagues or just play at that level)

*The focus here is on improving technique, developing better movement and balance, and learning how to place the ball and develop strategy

Wednesday evenings: Advanced Adult Tennis Academy

*This is for advanced intermediate to very advanced players who have been playing for many years and have a firm grasp on controlling the ball, hitting with more pace, and handling people that hit with more pace.  We run this drill like our Advanced Junior Tennis Program, including some tennis specific fitness, learning how to get better strategically in certain point situations, and getting confident with how to get the most out of your game in competitive situations.

Thursday evenings (More Technical Focus): C Level/ Advanced Beginner Drills/Intermediates who can’t move around the court as well as they used to:)

*This group focuses on developing better technique, movement and balance, and control of the ball better as they play simulation points.

Friday mornings: This is for Total Beginner or Advanced Beginner players or Lower Intermediates who just can’t move like they used to but like to hit a lot of balls.

*We will help beginners get an idea of basic technique and how to rally the ball with a partner more effectively as well as help advanced beginners hone their skills further)


Our professional tennis instructors have year of playing and coaching experience.  They have experience coaching players at every level.  We offer private, semi-private, group, and team lessons for all ages and abilities. We offer them all!

  • Private: Individualized instruction geared to your specific needs.
  • Semi-Private: Personalized instruction on strokes and strategy. Great for doubles partners!
  • Group Lessons: 3-5 students of similar ability level focusing on improving your skills. A good option for beginner players.
  • Team Lessons: Our teaching professionals are available for coaching ALTA and USTA teams. We can take your team to the next level!