Who’s ready for… PADDLE?

At Bitsy Grant Tennis Center, there is one more great sport to add to this list; Paddle! Platform Tennis, more commonly referred to as Paddle, is a great fall and winter activity for the racket sports’ lover.  Paddle began in the Northeast as a winter alternative for the tennis players with limited access to indoor courts.  In the fall of 2015 the Peachtree Paddle League teamed up with other local investors to get a 3 court facility  built at Bitsy Grant.  It is one of the nicest facilities in the country, and they were the first public paddle courts in the Southeast!

I don’t know about you, but tennis in near-freezing weather is not my favorite kind of tennis. The balls don’t bounce very well, and the fact that I am bundled up makes moving around a bit more of a chore. As I told one of my students recently, “If I’m going to wear ski clothes, I’d prefer to be skiing!”  If you feel the same way, then you need to give Paddle a try. It is a fast paced, strategy intensive game that is actually much more fun in cold weather. You will be warmed up in no time, and will soon forget that it was even cold to start with. Paddle has been called “the chess of racket sports” and you will soon find out why. It requires, in no particular order, a delicate balance of athleticism, patience, and strategy. It is great for the reflexes and, for those of you who worry about such things, will actually help your tennis game!
If you are ready to give Paddle a try please stop by Bitsy to get information or contact Bitsy Grant Paddle Director Frank Thompson at [email protected]. On December 14th we will be having an event for Paddle rookies, and we hope you can join us to see what you have been missing!
UTAWho’s ready for… PADDLE?

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